Federal Employee Leads

Whether you’re marketing to Federal Employees, business owners, growing your assets under management or simply looking to grow your referral base and close more business, Bedrock can offer you an amazing mix of traditional marketing approaches, along with proprietary, cutting edge, marketing strategies unavailable anywhere else in the Country to generate federal employee leads. This mix of tried and true strategies along with these state of the art methods are for Agents who recognize that technology can have a substantial impact on their practice but who also recognize that there is still business that can be generated through more traditional means.

Using advanced marketing analytics and fostered by research and a deep understanding of the consumer decision cycle and how best to position your brand, Bedrock wants to help Agents focus their valuable time and energy working with clients – allowing Bedrock to spend the time necessary to focus on the marketing activities that generate the best results for that given Agent.

When the Agent uses Bedrock’s resources to help maximize their most successful existing strategies, while allowing Bedrock to build and then implement a customized Marketing Plan specifically tailored for that Agent’s business, Bedrock can help place you in front of largest number of prospects possible.

As a successful agent you can take advantage of any of the strategies that you and your Marketing Consultant identify as the potentially most effective marketing with th highest Return on Investment. Bedrock will help you develop a strategy that plays to your strengths and accelerates your close rates – Helping develop you into the best advisor you can be.

Public Sector Retirement – Federal Employee Leads

Federal employees and retirees have the opportunity to Rollover a huge percentage of over $400 Billion in assets that exist in the Federal and Postal Defined Contribution Plan (or TSP) into IRAs.  The Financial Professionals who understand these benefits will be in high demand will position themselves with a company who can help generate the largest number of Federal Employee Leads possible.

The Public Sector Retirement System (PSR System)

The PSR System is structured around one of the most comprehensive and timely news channels used by Federal and Postal Employees; A News Channel that Bedrock retains an exclusive relationship with.

If you fully engage in the PSR System, your visibility will be enhanced while Bedrock concentrates on growing your credibility through proprietary ONLINE BRANDING capabilities.

Would you benefit from your brand being actively placed in front of millions of Federal and Postal employees and retirees?

Working with Bedrock you have the opportunity to use;

Bedrock’s Automated Seminar system (OnDemand Seminars) for;

Federal and Postal Employees,

Indexed Universal Life Insurance,

Retirement Income and many more.

FEGLI Sales Generator,

Online Branding and the ability to become a Published Author

Not to mention an exhaustive and comprehensive list of both emails and physical mailing addresses of nearly two million Federal and Postal employees! Agents can gain a huge advantage over the competition.

The Federal and Postal market is a huge opportunity representing nearly $400,000,000,000.00 ($400 Billion) in IRA Rollover potential with a HUGE Life Insurance (FEGLI) replacement opportunity.

Using our resources of PSR Agents will have the opportunity to help 1,000’s of Federal Employee Leads roll a staggering volume of retirement assets into ira rollover leads. The U.S. Federal Government represents both the single largest employer in the world, and when coupled with U.S. Postal Employees, this market also represents some of the oldest workers in the Country. In addition, Federal and Postal employees are also eligible for a Defined Contribution Plan called the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) that allows for In-Service distributions making their retirement assets Rollover eligible sometimes years before they retire. Few financial professionals have the knowledge that Bedrock can share with you, and fewer still know how to market to these professionals to offer federal employee leads.

The FEGLI Sales Generator™

The FEGLI Sales Generator is an exclusive and proprietary system that receives requests from Federal Employees looking to replace their FEGLI (insurance) in your market and sends them directly to you.

If you are not familiar with FEGLI or the Federal and Postal Retiree Market you should seriously consider the opportunity of working in one of the most underserved financial markets in the Country.

The vast potential that this market has is incredible! What this sales tool can do for you and your production is place you directly in front of clients at the very moment where they are actively buying their insurance.

Through the FEGLI Sales Generator™ you receive leads sent to your email from prospects that are not only looking to replace their current Federal Life Insurance, but who also happen to live in your city or town. These applicants are in your selected territory and are expecting a call from you! You can either decide to proceed with the Term Policy this system has quoted, or you can pivot toward a more permanent solution – whatever is in the client’s best interests.

Furthermore, because of the age when these prospects are most likely to search for FEGLI replacements, these prospective clients are also prime candidates for taking an In-Service Distribution from their TSP (Federal or Postal Defined Contribution Plan). Keep in mind, the TSP market currently has over $400,000,000,000.00 ($400 Billion) of rollover potential.

Federal and Postal Mailers

Mailers Still Work!

One Agency alone received over 1,100 (one thousand one hundred) leads in a calendar year and some individual Agents are receiving a response rate that is nearly 3-4 times as large as the National average.   That means your same marketing dollars could put you in front of 3-4 times more potential business. Do not think however, that these are just a postcard and a stamp; you need what works, and we can help.

Do not waste your money wishing your response rates were more effective – we have the lists and the support system in place to make your mailing effective once again.


Federal and Postal Mailers

Bedrock Financial Services, LLC has secured the mailing addresses, ranks and/or job titles, income ranges and oftentimes the year the person started working for hundreds of thousands of Postal and Federal Employees.

These lead lists are exclusive and we will only use them for one Agent in each market. Call your Bedrock Agents support team to see if your market is still available.

Website Design & Office Suite

Twenty years ago it was ‘Brick & Mortar’ that mattered. It was your Brick & Mortar storefront that would impress your clients and show them that you were a serious contender for their investment, annuity or insurance business. Today however, the importance of the corner building has been overtaken by your online presence. The first and oftentimes the last place a client will look before they decide whether or not to do business with you is the Internet.

  • On-Line Branding
  • According to the largest Marketing Research firms in the world – YOUR PROSPECTS ARE ‘GOOGLING’ YOU, not just the product you’re selling.
  • Google yourself – What does the Internet say about you?
  • Take this fact into account: 95% of all Search Engine Traffic starts and stops on the FRONT PAGE of Search Results*

*source: Google

  • If you are lucky maybe you see Facebook, LinkedIn, White Pages or maybe your own website.
  • Your Website:
  • Everyone Knows That Your Website is You talking about how good You are. Your prospects are smarter than that, and they are online right now looking for something more. Wouldn’t it be better if you could find a way to get a third-party to tell your clients how much experience you had so you didn’t have to rely on your own website to do all the work?
  • Create the information your prospects need to see and put that information on the front page of Google! Don’t know how? Talk with Bedrock – we can help!
  • Put your expertise in the limelight not your personal Facebook page, and use Bedrock’s CelebrityMe and Online Branding

So what does your website say about you?

Through Bedrock you will have access to beautiful and effective websites that can actually convert visitors into prospects.  Let Bedrock’s experienced professionals to help you imagine the website from the ground up.

The appearance of your website is not the only thing that matters, however. Bedrock can help you craft powerful and concise Website content enabling the client to become comfortable with you, your company, and your message prior to even meeting with you.

Remember, if you don’t tell your story well online – you may never get the chance to tell it in person!

If you were to attempt to do all of this work on your own you could easily spend over $5,000.00 or you would be locked into a contract that required you to spend $200.00/month or more to host the site. Exclusively for Bedrock Agents, we can dramatically reduce the cost of semi-custom sites to $1,000.00 or less, and at a fraction of your currently monthly fees.

If you’d like to have your Marketing Credits spent on the site – it could be possible for all of your website costs to be eliminated completely.

Office Suite

Logo Design, Business Card & Letterhead Solutions.

The first impression you make needs to be positively unforgettable.

When a client decides whether or not to work with you they are going to weigh all of the available data. From you Website to the touch and feel of your business cards will all have an impact on how clients perceive you and your ability to provide them with the services they need.

Simply put – if you’re handing out cheap-feeling and poorly designed business cards or sending letters to clients printed on plain paper without a high quality logo, then discerning clients will notice… and they will take their business elsewhere.

The best firms and advisors understand that the small details mean a great deal and that small improvements on an existing letterhead or business card or even logo can help compel one more client to do business with you. In a business where small incremental differences can add up to huge impacts – let Bedrock’s creative team help you make sure you are putting your best foot forward.


Drip Email Marketing Program

Our powerful, effective and automatic email system is an inexpensive way to drip on current clients as well as old leads.

Maximize your leads

Once your Lead Generation programs have delivered leads, be sure to maximize every one of them with Bedrock sales tools.

These are complete sales systems with tools and processes conveniently packaged to engage your prospects and clients in a direct, one-on-one approach. Packages include tools such as training, turnkey client seminar solutions, client-facing DVDs, selling strategies and product knowledge materials.

Fill the Room Federal Marketing Campaign

Locate a Federal Building, or a venue nearby and we’ll do the rest. That’s right! We can fill the room of your next Federal Seminar at a FRACTION of the cost if you tried to do this on your own.

Agent Directory

How many online Lead Generation Systems is your brand a part of today? How many third-party websites drive traffic to you? Life Insurance replacements, Thrift Savings Plan (401k rollover leads) withdrawals, Retirement Training and Certified Safe Money investments…

How many online Lead Generation Systems drive local visitors to you?

Yes, I want the opportunity to take advantage of Bedrock’s exclusive marketing opportunities
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Federal Employee Leads

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