Illustrations and Case Design

Illustrations and Case DesignCase design and illustrations are no longer just an option or a sales-tool. These time-consuming events and efforts are now a requirement for every Qualified sale you will make and it may be wise to consider them a requirement for all of your future sales regardless of tax-status. And that is where Bedrock Financial Services comes in. Bedrock and our team of experienced product specialists will help you with this research –analyzing dozens or more available options so you are able to determine the product that represents is the best interest of your client.

Likewise – demonstrating to your client that you’ve done your due diligence and researched the available options for them can also help create trust and confidence and thereby reduce the likelihood that that same prospect will look elsewhere to gain confirmation that they have received the best advice or solutions.

Let Bedrock compare the options available to you and handle the time-consuming tasks of;

  • Individual product presentations
  • Advisory vs. Fixed product comparisons
  • Income rider comparisons
  • Scheduled Income Payout System (SIPS) illustrations
  • Roth conversion illustrations
  • Stretch IRA illustrations

Some strategies may only be appropriate for registered producers.

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