Public Sector Retirement, LLC

Generating Federal Employee Leads is something we do very very well.

Bedrock has an exclusive relationship with Public Sector Retirement, LLC and Public Sector Retirement Educators, LLC.  You can access Federal Employee Lead Generating system exclusively through Bedrock’s PSR System.

  • Federal employee retirement training appears to be one of the most effective education methods for federal employees on their retirement needs.
  • Federal and Postal Employees actively seek assistance of professionals when it comes to their retirement benefits.
  • Federal Employee Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) becomes incredibly expensive as federal employees age – creating a need for life insurance reviews.
  • The U.S. Federal Government represents both the single largest employer in the world, and given the number of potential retirees we believe that this represents an enormous opportunity.
  • In addition to a federal pension (such as a FERS or CSRS Annuity) federal employees are also eligible for a Defined Contribution Plan called the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) that allows for In-Service distributions further creating a need for retirement training and education.
  • Only those financial professionals affiliated with PSRE have access to Bedrock’s proprietary Federal Retirement eLearning Platform. The PSRE eLearning platform can simplify and customizable federal employee retirement training by matching classroom and one-on-one training with Federally Compliant (a requirement to offer such a electronic services), Proprietary online platform
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  • Get Paid To Generate Your Own Federal Employee Leads
  • Certain qualified agents may also be eligible to receive payment directly for the marketing and sale of Bedrock’s Proprietary federal employee lead generation system.

Get paid to create federal employee leads – get paid on the business that those leads generate.Federal employee retirement training is at the core of Public Sector Retirement Educator’s mission.  A mission to provide all federal and postal employees access to the best possible retirement information so these deserving and hard-working people can secure their financial future and maintain their standard of living in retirement.

The difficulty is that the federal retirement system is incredibly complex and, often times, the federal employees will request one-on-one training to fully understand their retirement benefits.

PSRE provides education-based training to federal agencies through independent training sessions throughout the country. The independent training sessions can be customized to fit nearly every federal or postal agency’s needs.  Federal employee retirement training sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of Unions and Professional Organizations.

PSRE is made up of former Federal Human Resources’ professionals and trainers, along with knowledgeable financial professionals who specialize in the retirement needs of federal and postal employees.

If you are accepted into the PSRE Network you will be part of the limited group of national professionals specializing in helpful solutions and services to federal employees.

You can expect your online visibility to be enhanced while Bedrock concentrates on growing your credibility through proprietary ONLINE BRANDING capabilities.

Working with Bedrock, you will have the opportunity to gain access to OnDemand Seminars for Federal and Postal Employees, the FEGLI Sales Generator, the entire Online Branding platform along with an exhaustive and comprehensive list of both emails and residential mailing addresses of nearly two million Federal and Postal employees!

Bedrock and Public Sector Retirement Educators can provide Agents with an advantage both in terms of the number of federal employee leads and the quality of the solutions that the professional will be able to offer.

PSRE offers federal employee training throughout the Country through:

In-person retirement training

  • One-on-one coaching and benefit analysis
  • Customized federal employee retirement training sessions, which can accommodate nearly any request.

The professional affiliates of Public Sector Retirement Educators are made up of experienced benefits instructors and financial professionals. In an effort to deliver timely, pertinent information, to help ensure federal employees have the knowledge necessary to achieve the highest possible standard of living in retirement, PSRE is continuously adding new curriculum and offering ongoing training to our affiliates.

The PSRE curriculum and materials are distributed to federal employee leads through live workshops, webinars, as well as one-on-one consultations and benefit analysis.

PSRE also offers a web-based, Federally compliant, eLearning platform that can customize federal employee retirement training to Federal Agency Employees through a sophisticated but fantastically easy-to-use online education and training tool, which meets all Federal Agency regulations for the delivery of such electronic services.

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