When you first reach out to a prospect – what is the likelihood of them looking you up online?

What would it mean to your personal production if you could influence what your prospects saw online – what they were exposed to and the manner in which your brand was presented to them.

Are you seen as The Expert? Or just another salesman?

Bedrock Financial Services has a unique relationship with an online newschannel –

Public Sector Retirement.

This unique relationship allows us to work closely with their back offices to help you publish relevant content – pertinent to your target market.

Not sure how that influences your next sale –

Next time you talk with a prospect for the first time – Just imagine the power of these words –

“… Looking forward to meeting with you next week. But between now and then I’d like you to go online and to simply Google my name… What you’ll find there are articles I’ve written or been quoted in, along with interviews I’ve been a part of.”

Instantly – YOU ARE THE EXPERT! You no longer have to go through your credibility building statement to convince them that you know what you’re talking about – the prospect already knows that you are the most credible professional they are likely to meet –

We’ve seen Agents grow significantly after implementing this into their practice.

For producing Bedrock Agents – this can all be FREE

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