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Therefore, the premise is rather simple – do you want to spend more money or would you rather spend your marketing dollars more intelligently?

Bedrock build CUSTOM Mailing lists for our producing Agents, increasing your return on either mailers or seminar invitations.

Mailers are still incredibly important –

If you do Seminars –

Your Mail List and the success of your invite will determine how many people attend your event and who you will be able to market your services to.

Bedrock is NOT a traditional list provider and we only provide this service to actively producing Agents.

Bedrock is an Independent Marketing Organization (IMO) that focuses on creating opportunity for affiliated, licensed, financial professionals.

Creating customized lists for our producing professionals begins with a questionnaire that is unlike anything you have likely experienced through the majority of List Brokers.

You may be used to answering a small number of generic questions like:

  1. What is the average age of the people you want to mail to?
  2. What is their average salary?
  3. Homeownership?

We are going to ask you those same questions – but we’re also going to ask you many more and, an important part of our process, is WHO we ask those questions about.

We don’t want to know who you WANT to market to – we want to who you’re going to CLOSE BUSINESS with.

We believe that the best predictor of who you WILL close business with are the clients you have ALREADY closed business with…. Your best clients.

We start by asking you about your 20 best clients because if we can find the similarities in these people – we will be able to narrow the focus of who we begin mailing to for you.

Of course, we want to know their salary and homeownership status, but we also ask about the number of children they have, how many children are still in the house, what college the prospective client attended, what organizations do they belong to, etc

We don’t want you to send a mailer to 5,000 random people who happen to own a home. We want you sending a mailer to 5,000 people who own a home and also have the same characteristics as your best clients. We want you mailing to people who are most likely to buy from you.

You may be thinking – “if this is available why doesn’t my current list provider or mail house do this already?” And the answer is simple.

List providers want to sell you a list

Mail Houses want you to send out more mail…

Their profit is NOT based on whether or not these services are successful – rather their success is in the VOLUME of lists you purchase and the AMOUNT of mail you send out. The more mail you send then the larger the list – the greater their profit.

Bedrock, on the other hand, doesn’t profit on your mailers. We only profit when you turn prospective clients into new clients – when you close that next deal and when you grow your business.

Yes, I want the opportunity to take advantage of Bedrock’s exclusive marketing opportunities