Public Sector Retirement, LLC

The Public Sector Retirement (Federal Employee Lead Generation) System is structured around a comprehensive and timely online news channels visited by thousands of Federal and Postal Employees each and every month;
A News Channel That Bedrock has an exclusive relationship with.
Public Sector Retirement

  • Federal and Postal Employees will have the opportunity to roll a staggering volume of retirement assets into IRA’s over the next several years.
  • FEGLI (Life Insurance) becomes increasingly more expensive as federal employees age – creating an opportunity for life insurance replacements.
  • The U.S. Federal Government represents both the single largest employer in the world and, when coupled with the U.S. Postal Employees, some of the oldest workers in the country.
  • In addition to a federal pension (a FERS or CSRS Annuity) federal employees are eligible for a Defined Contribution Plan called the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) which allows for In-Service distributions making their retirement assets rollover eligible sometimes years before they retire as long as they are at least 59.5 years old.
  • Bedrock focuses on Federal Employee Leads and we will work hard to position you in front of as many Federal Retirees as possible.
  • Professionals have access to Bedrock’s Federal Employee Lead Generation systems – systems that we believe are unmatched through any other marketing company.

If you fully engage in the Public Sector Retirement System, your visibility will be enhanced while Bedrock concentrates on growing your credibility through proprietary ONLINE BRANDING capabilities.Would you benefit from your brand being actively placed in front of millions of Federal and Postal employees and retirees?

Can you close business if you received dozens of leads each month?

… We are not trying to sell you some costly Federal Employee Lead—and unlike some federal “advocacy” groups we CERTAINLY don’t sell your federal employee leads to multiple Agents at the same time. As a long as you remain a producing Agent or Rep with Bedrock, you can receive an exclusive marketing campaign and the leads that your campaign generates are yours.

Working with Bedrock you will have the opportunity to gain access to On-Demand Seminars for Federal and Postal Employees, the FEGLI Sales Generator, the entire Online Branding platform (becoming an author, online credibility, etc.), not to mention a comprehensive list of both emails and physical addresses of nearly two million Federal and Postal employees!

Bedrock can provide Agents with a huge advantage along with a steady flow of high-quality federal employee leads at a capacity that may dwarf what you could find elsewhere.

And if you are lucky enough to be considered for Bedrock’s Federal eLearning Platform then the number of Federal Employee Leads you could receive is huge.

If you are considering the federal market or if you are already in the federal market then you know that one of the best ways to gain access to the Federal Employees is to provide training to Federal Agency employees directly through their Federal Agency Employers.

Yes – Federal Agencies are currently paying Bedrock Affiliated professionals, just like you, to conduct Retirement Training sessions… the only questions are;

  • How can you position yourself to be the ‘go-to’ professional in your market?
  • Are there exclusive resources available that could help you standout or that could help you win this privilege?

Bedrock may have the solution you need.

Contact a Bedrock Marketing representative to discuss the opportunity and learn more.

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