Online Lead Generation

Do You Need More Leads?

Could Your Current Marketing Be More Effective?

Bedrock Financial Services provides our agents websites and OnDemand Seminars, we work with you to build your online credibility… but when it all comes down to it – most agents agree – the most important thing they need is a consistent pace of high quality prospective clients to speak with.

Bedrock will couple your website, mailers, seminars and online marketing into one seamless strategy. Possibly doubling the effectiveness of your current marketing.

A few examples –

  • If you are sending mailers using Bedrock’s proprietary Deep Dive Demographics – you should get a lot of leads.
  • Couple that Mailer with an effective Online Campaign such Bedrock’s Online Branding, a customized website with a fantastic call-to-action such as OnDemand Seminars.

  • How about a Facebook campaign that targets only your most attractive prospects?
  • Using Seminars?

    How about capturing those people who can’t make the event, don’t like the restaurant you’ve chosen or simply don’t attend dinner seminars?  An effective campaign will capture some of them too.

For producing Agents, Bedrock conducts a full analysis of your existing Marketing and creates a personalized Marketing Plan identifying the marketing activities with the highest expected Return on Investment.

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