FEGLI Sales Generator

FEGLI Sales GeneratorThe FEGLI Sales Generator, part of the PSR System, is an exclusive and proprietary marketing system that creates FEGLI leads and delivers these FEGLI (life insurance) replacement prospects directly to you.

If you are not familiar with FEGLI or the Federal and Postal Retiree Market, you should seriously consider the opportunity of working with one of the most underserved financial markets in the country.

The vast potential that this market has is incredible! The FEGLI Sales Generator sales tool can place you directly in front of prospective clients when they are actively buying their insurance.

Through the FEGLI Sales Generator you receive FEGLI leads sent to your email from prospects that are not only looking to replace their current Federal Life Insurance, but who also happen to live in your designated geographic market.

These applicants in your selected territory have already completed a FEGLI comparison quote and have requested to speak with a professional who can help them save money.

You can either decide to proceed with the Term Policy this system provides, or you can pivot toward a more permanent solution like Indexed Universal Life or whichever may be in the client’s best interests.

Furthermore, as many of these prospects begin to search for FEGLI alternatives, they are also prime candidates for discussing in-service distributions from their TSP (Federal or Postal Defined Contribution Plan) and planning for retirement. Keep in mind the TSP market currently has over $400,000,000,000.00 ($400 Billion) of rollover potential.

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