Financial services lead generation

lead generationHigh quality annuity and financial services lead generation can help you achieve your sales goals.  With changes in consumer behavior, however, if you are still marketing the same way today as you were a few years ago, you are likely missing out on the majority of leads you could be capturing.

Leads are only good if you can turn them into clients.

Although traditional methods of lead generation like mail and seminars are still effective – We have seen the largest Returns on Marketing Investment to be achieved when we blend some of these traditional methods with more up-to-date strategies.

What makes this combination of marketing efforts so effective is the ability to touch the very same person, repeatedly, through different marketing mediums.  This creates a form of brand-recognition, and with brand-recognition the consumer’s comfort level increases.  Therefore the likelihood of you being able to turn that lead into an actual client, likewise, increases dramatically.

Deeper Understanding of Your Financial services lead generation and Prospect

Drawing from Bedrock’s Deep Dive Demographic process, where we analyze the types of clients that are MOST likely to do business with YOU, we analyze the market, discuss your preferred method of doing business and, for qualifying agents, we then put together a full Marketing Plan – customized and tailored specifically to you and your business.

Your Marketing Plan will consist of:

    • Recommended branding initiatives
    • Marketing approaches
  • Costs
  • Anticipated return on investment
  • Scheduling
  • Measurement features

You’ll know, before we even begin, what your expected Return on Investment will be and the number of leads you can expect to receive.

Given your customized Marketing Plan and our deep understanding of your ideal clients our job as a marketing company is to make your marketing and financial services lead generation as effective as possible.

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