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Federal Employee Leads are generated a few traditional ways… and Bedrock has more opportunities than any other IMO we are aware of.

But Bedrock has taken it a step further.  Investing over $500,000 and over 2 year of development time Bedrock has invented a software and training platform that is capable of delivering customized training to each Federal and Postal Employee in the country – training these employees on Exactly the benefits that THEY are eligible for – removing any extraneous information that doesn’t apply to them and doing so in a manner that is Federally compliant with the various regulations that govern the delivery of electronic systems to Federal Employees within federal buildings (not a small task).

What does this mean to you –

Bedrock’s exclusive system may be the only system of its type anywhere – offered through any medium… much less through an IMO.

This proprietary system not only creates customized retirement training, it also ‘learns’ from the employee based on their interaction with the system and provides that employee only the information that is relevant to their Specific retirement circumstances.

Bedrock believes that this platform will literally revolutionize the manner in which Federal Employees are trained on their benefits – and how you get in front of the potential prospects.

How can this help you get in front of clients – Because along with the education that the Federal Employee receives – they will also be offered a one-on-one retirement benefit analysis provided by a local Federal Retirement Expert.

And even more fantastic – YOU WILL GET PAID for the distribution of this fabulous marketing opportunity  – both on the Financial Services solutions that you help the client with BUT ALSO for the distribution of the platform itself.

Literally – When was the last time someone offered to pay you to generate your own leads.

Some IMOs want to charge you $5,000 or more for a seminar they put together – STOP GETTING RIPPED OFF and stop being the guy in the back of room at someone else’s seminar.  Start being THE Expert today.

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