If the DOL Fiduciary Rule has taught you nothing – it should be that Compliance Matters. Bedrock has always known this and that is why we have partnered so closely with BWM Advisory, LLC (BWM) an affiliated SEC Registered Investment Advisory (RIA). BWM’s and Bedrock Financial Services compliance departments work closely to ensure that you have the products that your clients will benefit from most and that you have the paperwork, processes and systems in place to continue to do what you do best – take you of your clients while providing them with the solutions they need to accomplish their retirement and financial goals.

Bedrock has created what we believe is the DOL Fiduciary Rule Solution. A combination of a Series 65 License; (giving you the ability to truly demonstrate ‘Best Interest’ opportunities for the people you are working for – your clients) and a sophisticated risk assessment tool which we hope will help you demonstrate the client your ability to provide them with the best products available.

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